​ Irideus  2018

This salmon fly fishing reel was made to meet the heavy demands of anadromodus fish. High grade everything can be expected from us on this saltwater savey sealed drag reel. The custom cork drag system has serious stopping power for the hardest fighting salmon,steelhead and saltwater species. Tide waters for steelhead in the morning and headwater pools in the afternoon! The Large Arbor ZEN SPEY Reel will evolve a wide aray of switch , spey and standard fly fishing rods.

This fly fishing reel is a perfect match for our switch & spey rod series upgraded for . A top choice for people getting into the two handed fly rod game. Salmon fly fishers looking for and industry best can trust in this fly reel!

Irideus sealed drag salmon fly fishing reels bring the future to your hands! Introducing the.............


A great choice for standard fly fishing rods and saltwater fly fishers!

Irideus now presents  .........

The Large Arbor ZEN Switch & Spey Salmon & Steelhead Fly Reel 

Zen Spey Fly Reel