​ Irideus  2018

30 ft Shooting Head Fly Fishing Line

These are some suggested line recommendations for other spey and switch rods on the market. Most rods will have a suggested grain window for the rod. If you need help contact the manufacturer of the rod or us if you have the grain window for the rod. We also hope you will give one of our world class spey or switch rod designs a new home. These rods are custom designed just like the the ZEN shooting heads your looking at. They are time tested champions of the river and we hope you enjoy the designs.

Single Hand Fly Rod Zen Series Shooting Head Lines
4 wt,5 wt,6 wt,7 wt,8 wt,9 wt,10 wt

Irideus Zen Skagit Switch Fly Rod & Spey Rod Lines

256 Grain, 306 Grain, 406 Grain, 450 Grain

A beautiful Feather River California trophy size steelhead that accepted the Irideus steelhead fly offering.

Well delivered by the Irideus 6/7 spey rod and Zen skagit shooting head fly line.


Face the new fly fishing lines of 2015 and find yourself casting like a pro this year. The new Zen Spey Shooting heads and running lines will expand your horizons with an exclusive edge. Lines tested for years are now yours to balance your fly rod quiver. If you own an Irideus spey rod pick up the right grain shooting head to balance the rod. If your new to fly fishing try a shooting head system out on your standard fly rod and find yourself casting like a pro. Take advantage of the spey casting rods we have in promo auction, they are not to be compared to. The Spey reels bring saltwater fly fisherman a new option to think about. The perfection of the Zen Steelhead, Trout and Salmon Shooting Head Fly Fishing Lines will bring balance to all industry fly rods .  The new Zen Skagit Series Sinking 30 ft Short Head Series Fly Fishing Lines will add a few new tricks to the same old water this year. Great for the steelhead fly fishing short game to Sacramento river & east coast stripers. The density & coating on these lines will help even the novice caster to hit the distance of a pro fly fisher. These lines also pair well with the Zen Depth Charge Sink tip.

The new Skagit Shooting Heads will give standard fly rod casters a taste of the best in modern distance casting fly lines.

Best regards to all the wonderful people around the globe that support us.

2016 Zen Skagit Shooting Head