​ Irideus  2018

The history on fly fishing with tube fly patterns goes back many years. This style of fly fishing for most people in the united states is not a standard fly fishing method. Irideus steelhead fly fishing flies for  bring all gamefish anglers some great tube fly patterns to start out with. Many people mail us and ask why tube flies are better. The main reason we like them is because you can modify the hook. You can add a fresh sharp hook each time you fly fish. You can also up and down size the tube fly hook size by species and also water clarity and flow levels. The beautiful swimming fly patterns also offer fly fishing fly patterns that can fly foish for many species. some of the Irideus tube fly patterns also will fresh well in fresh or saltwater for many gamefish species. There is one place to store your tube fly patterns and that is in the Irideus Tribute tube fly boxes. These boxes offer standard tube flies and also small trout and needle tube flies a great home. Each box offers 88 slit foam cuts for tube fly hooks and standard fly fishing fly patterns. Give tube fly fishing a try this season. We have down sized many of these patterns for trout fly fishing season. You will find several custom prince Nymph tube flies that have taken trout trout around the world. Build your collection of Irideus customer tube flies today!

Exclusive Guide Tested Feather River California
Anchor point, Soldatna AK Kenai River
East coast~New York~Great Lakes tributaries

Taking our flies to the next level in quality and unique pattern variant is a standard practice

here at irideus. Top class materials and hardware are incorporated into all of the flies now

offered to the public, some for the first time. You may save a buck on a random fly auction,

but when you see the flies you bought…well? Come to us for the same quality flies that line

the owners and staffs boxes. These patterns stem from a true passion for steelhead, trout

and salmon fishing. But smart fisherman will see the potential for smallmouth, pike and

inshore species within some of our standard fares.Once you see the quality you will come

back to build a collection based on your own passions. Good luck fishing, please make an effort to pick up spools of line and trash from your local water as you leave each session. You can make a difference. Take kids and any returning vets out on the water...we are in this together.


Irideus now presents our tube fly fishing fly patterns to the world. Check into the store to check out the fly menu for the month. Steelhead, trout and salmon fly fishers will now have a great new place bring our flies to your door in a few days. We are making special shipping prices for our international fly fishing community members. One great reason to fish tube flies is you can change the hooks out or modify the size. Find something very special in the Irideus tube fly collection.

Steelhead Tube Flies