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One way to be sure you get the most from your switch, spey and single hand fly rods is to have a good fly line. Irideus brings the fly fishing community some of the best quality distance casting fly lines on the market for . You will find shooting head fly line systems and fly lines to match the sea of sticks from the best on the market.  We have developed our own shooting head design in the Zen Shooting head line series. These amazing exclusive shooting head designs not only bring the best out in our  spey rod line up but have brought balance to many of the other people searching for the perfect shooting head. These fly lines have all been pro tested and are at the top of the industry. The proof is in the pudding…………….gin clear water pudding that is.


Irideus has a steelhead  fly fishing line up that will help all fly fishers stay on the fish in good and bad weather conditions. We hope for good weather but as steelheaders and die hard salmon and trout fly fishers we adjust with a smile on our face. Our fly fishing lines and shooting heads bring the entire fly fishing community some wonderful distace casting pro fly lines.

All Irideus fly fishing lines were developed with Tungsten technology to advance in windy conditions often found fishing steelhead or other game fish.

Steelhead Fly Lines 2016

We have been in the fly fishing product development game for many years now. It has not only required countless years of time on the water, but
much more. We stay strong as we bring state of the art technology to the hands of the fly fishers of the world. One must remember to read between the lines when it comes to getting the best quality fly fishing equipment for the money. Making our fly fishing product line affordable to the  average fly fisher is very important. Our time on the water is now a beautiful history of a young new company. We decided to make our statement to the fly fishing community with fly fishing lines and equipment that can not be compared to for the price.
Thank you to the wonderful people who support the Irideus fly fishing equipment line up. The information on all of our products can be found on our blog. Remember this as you choose your fly fishing gear. Remember time on the water tells the truth. The truth can be seen very clearly in the 10's of thousands of documented photos and videos posted under the Irideus company name. See a company focused on taking good care of the fly fishing community. You may want to join our irideus steelhead fly fishing page on facebook and also follow our blog to current updates on the Irideus products from pro staff. Check the website out for new fly fishing products and updates .
If you would like an Irideus company  review on 100% customer service  and products check out our promo store on ebay. There is no doubt the 15,000 plus documented reviews on our care for our customers is there in bold print for you. When its time to re spool your fly fishing lines trust in the Irideus fly fishing line and shooting head line systems. Cast the distance like a pro with Irideus fly fishing lines.
One more big thank you to the wonderful people who have stood behind us. 
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Irideus Fly Line Review 
​Irideus Zen Spey Shooting Head Fly Line Review
Irideus Pro Distance Casting Floating Fly Fishing Line Series

These steelhead , salmon and trout fly fishing  lines began as a way to accomidate our sink tips and sometimes heavy weighted flies. For people who use split shot or indicators these lines are a top choice. Giving you the floatation you need for a stealth aproach. Andromodus ST lines offer a better option to the fly fisherman looking for well rounded gear that can be used on differant rods. These fly lines are a great way to go for any type of fishing,only making hitting your target an easy job! An important fact....hitting your target and being within range can spell trophy or failure..be a success with Andromodus St  Fly fishing lines...check them out!

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