​ Irideus  2018

Take a look at the stiching on these shirts and you will see old school double overlay seams. Maybe a bit over the top but we are not fans of our favorite shirts wearing out. Wxpect years of wear from these modern fly fishing garments.The custom died colors in the fabric are a one of a kind we put a personal touch on. if you look close the clothing resemebles the steelhead we love so very much. We figured fresh chrome would be fitting for our first limited edition clothing line for fly fishers around the globe.

Technical fly fishing clothing and apparel from Irideus. Just what you would expect from us in clothing form. These shirts combine the most advanced fiber combinations offering comfort when in motion. 

The Irideus fly fishing apparel and clothing line offers moisture wicking aspects to transfer your body moisture away from your skin. Refer to the military survival hand book on this one. Cotton  kills in the mountains. Meaning it will leave you wet and cold. The Irideus fly fishing clothing line up will be sure to keep you comfortable and dry on the water or at the local eatery in town.

Pro Fly Fishing Apparel