​ Irideus  2018

~~~~~~Irideus~~Anadromous ST Salmon Saltwater Fly Line~~~~~~PRO DISTANCE CASTING FLY LINE

~~~~~~~ 10 wt 100 ft Floating Fly Fishing Line~~~~~~~

Or pick lines 4 wt,5 wt,6 wt,7 wt,8 wt,10wt


Use on Steelhead flies~Salmon flies~Trout flies~Saltwater flies

Great for our sink tip systems!

~~~~~Standard fly rod~~~~~~~


  • LINE 1 ~~~4wt
  • LINE 2 ~~~5wt
  • LINE 3 ~~~6wt
  • LINE 4~~~7wt
  • LINE 5~~~8wt
  • LINE~~~10 wt

All lines were developed with Tungsten technology to advance in windy conditions often found fishing steelhead or other game fish. The lines began as a way to accomidate our sink tips and sometimes heavy weighted flies. For people who use split shot or indicators these lines are a top choice. Giving you the floatation you need for a stealth aproach. Andromodus ST lines offer a better option to the fly fisherman looking for well rounded gear that can be used on differant rods. These fly lines are a great way to go for any type of fishing,only making hitting your target an easy job! An important fact....hitting your target and being within range can spell trophy or failure..be a success with Andromodus St Fly fishing lines...check them out!

Irideus Zen Shooting heads come in 256 grain,356 grain,456 grain,556 grain and 606 grain. We have down sized these for trout offering single hand fly rod casters 4 wt,5 wt,6 wt,7 wt,8 wt and 9 wt. If you have never fly fished a shooting head on a single hand fly rod you are in for one long casting treat. Some days and water systems require these lines. Many fly fishers fish them exclusively all year long for steelhead,trout and salmon.

Going sub surface means one thing the new Steelhead,trout,salmon and saltwater Irideus Clear Element distance casting fly fishing lines for 2013. Saltwater fly anglers now have a very special new option on a line that will cast the in coming salty sea in the morning and chrome steelhead up river in the afternoon. One more all waters fly line product for Irideus that puts state of the art fly line technology in your hands!

Measure your fly fishing equipment by the size of the scale. . Thank you all the fine people around the world who call Irideus fly fishing products your one and only.  We take pride in dealing with each customers needs in a personal way. Outfitters and fly shops we have a message for you. Bring our products to our customers in your neck of the woods. The Rise Fly Box will be a fly shop and retail outfitter option for spring. For the good people who own a fly  shop or outfitting service we will offer a special discount for those who contact us before the end of April. The Irideus Rise fly box will stand tall and out sell the best options on the market. It seems as we let the industry recover from a sea of squares we are now coming to the shops with a product that will be one of the top sellers for  fly box designs. If you reach out to us now we will show some discounted respect for that new relationship. Be ready to hear the phone ring at your shop we have waited a few years for this. We would like to try to gives some sales buffer to shops close together. If this is your situation we hope to hear from your fly shop first.

One of the best selling fly boxes with a patent exclusive in the USA. We will now let the products and sales bring us mainstream with the industry we hold close to our heart. Passing on what we love now goes public. See you at the shows.

One way to be sure you get the most from your switch, spey and single hand fly rods is to have a good fly line. Irideus brings the fly fishing community some of the best quality distance casting fly lines on the market for 2016. You will find shooting head fly line systems and fly lines to match the sea of sticks from the best on the market.  We have developed our own shooting head design in the Zen Shooting head line series. These amazing exclusive shooting head designs not only bring the best out in our spey rod line up but have brought balance to many of the other people searching for the perfect shooting head. These fly fishing lines have all been pro tested and are at the top of the industry. The proof is in the pudding................gin clear water pudding that is!