​ Irideus  2018

When using small pupa and nymph patterns the tippet ring nymph swivel can serve as your weight. These fly fishing tippet ring nymph swivels also will keep small split shot and tungsten puddy from sliding down on your fly. This is one reason to keep some of these in your fly fishing vest. We have all been there. Fly fishing for hours only to find our fly has the small tungsten puddy ball or tin split shot on its head. Not a very good way to catch a trophy fish! Keep that from happening when you use weight to get your nymphs down and wet flies deep. Tippet ring swivels are also a great way to assist your self during the battle. The swivel turns preventing the hook for spinning and tearing out of the jaw of the fish. These are a must have for Czech Nymph fly fishers, also any die hard nymphing fan. This is a great way to target natural feeding steelhead,trout,greyling and salmon.

These are high grade jewelery quality The price is a good investment in your fly fishing. The material is the same used in fly tying coneheads and high grade fly tying beads. Epicurean quality fly fishing equipment and gear that will keep you on the hunt for the fish of your lifetime!


Have fun!


Fly Fishing Tippet Ring Nymph Fly Fishing Fly Rig Swivel

2o Stealth Black Tungsten Color Steelhead and trout nymphing tippet ring nymph fly fishing swivels. 

The rig in the picture is to show how to set these up. The flies are not included. Make a note of this set up. You can change the length of the lines in many ways to present your offering with many styles. They have been tested and do not spook fish as silver color tippet rings will do.

Micro Swivel Tippet Ring