These Irideus fly fishing line tapered leaders were designed to meet the challenge of natural feeding trout, greyling and steelhead . When your next cast counts, count on Irideus Fluorotech knotless fly fishing line leaders. We are offering a special price on these to share this wonderful new tapered knotless fly fishing line leader series. The leaders shop price is $6.85 per leader. This fly fishing leader group is a great way to stock up on a new world class fly fishing industry option.

Irideus Fly Fishing Steelhead Fly Fishing Equipment

​ Irideus  2018

Fluorotech Fly Fishing Line Knotless Tapered Leaders

With the expansion of modern fly fishing line and leader technology we are introducing the Flourotech Series fly fishing knotless tapered leaders. The Irideus Fluorotech Fly Fishing Line tapered leader series will bring your fly fishing fly presentation to a new level. The knotless modern taper on these fly fishing leaders will please the best dry fly, nymph and streamer fly fishers. The Irideus Fluortech knotless tapered design also brings a low stretch and abrasion resistance level that will please you on the water.