​ Irideus  2018


Chico California and the surrounding areas have served as the inspiration and testing grounds of the Irideus fly fishing fly collection. Northern California is abundent in all the things that are the fly fishing dream in real time. It has served as a family and extended family home town fly fishing water. You find the bugs you love and find fly renditions to match on your screen door. One way to check the hatch is to keep track of a spider web behind the shop. Our local fly fishing water will humble even the best fly fishing anglers. It is not uncommon to be fishing #14 and #16 Caddis nymph fly patterns for steelhead that will turn down anything less than perfect natural selection fly fishing flies. Irideus rises to the challenge to please these picky fish. Through the Irideus Timothy Horner Signature series steelhead trout and salmon fly fishing collection dreams for fly fishers have been made real early in the yeat. If you look close at some of the detail in the Irideus steelhead flies for the Feather,Trinity and Sacramento River will bring success and any of the fly waters in the world where similar renditions are used. From small nymph fly fishing fly patterns for steelhead to large articulated trophy trout streamers and saltwater tube fly and streamer fly renditions. Build your own personal Irideus fly fishing fly collection . Let people who fly fish as a group 360 days a year. There have been some tough days on the water. The hard knocks bring us back to the flies that work and catch the fish we are after. Spending summers in Soldotna fly fishing for steelhead salmon and Leopard rainbows also puts some more hard earned time into the Irideus fly collection. The kenai area fly water also will humble even the most skilled fly anglers in the world. Live your fly fishing dream and trust in Irideus fly fishing flies. Be sure to check out the Irideus fly fishing box line up and replace the old fly boxes of the past with some fresh new fly box options.
may your days on the water be many!

Fly fishing steelhead is a true passion that each person finds when in pursuit of these majestic fish for the first time. The best way to begin your steelhead fly fishing journey is with a few well-rounded selections of steelhead fly patterns. people may not think of a #14 Caddis fly pattern for steelhead but there is a time and place. Fresh searun coastal steelhead flies some days are replaced by large stoneflies and smaller articulated steelhead intruder flies. Other days it is streamer flies that we will turn to like wooly bugger flies tied up some and weighted to serve a niche on the steelhead fly menu. It is very important to plan ahead when visiting an area. A steelheader fishing Washington full-time may feel out of place on a small California coastal run using short indicator set ups with nymph trailer flies. One way to take the thinking out is to find Irideus steelhead flies. Most of the flies have now been public for about a year. Some of the Timothy Horner signature series fly patterns are fly fishing industry bests under the Irideus name. These custom flies have proven to success on all western fly water with special regard given to the Chico California area. These are some of the toughest rivers to be consistent on and trusting in your flies in Northern California is a must. Be willing to adjust your approach when steelhead fly fishing. Each specific river, stream and run will have a new lesson to be learned and a new approach to be mastered.

IIrideus now presents our tube fly fishing fly patterns to the world. Check into the store to check out the fly menu for the month. Steelhead, trout and salmon fly fishers will now have a great new place bring our flies to your door in a few days. We are making special shipping prices for our international fly fishing community members. One great reason to fish tube flies is you can change the hooks out or modify the size. Find something very special in the Irideus tube fly collection for the new year

Taking our flies to the next level in quality and unique pattern variant is a standard practice here at irideus. Top class materials and hardware are incorporated into all of the flies now offered to the public, some for the first time.

You may save a buck on a random fly auction, but when you see the flies you bought…well? Come to us for the same quality flies that line the owners and staffs boxes.

These patterns stem from a true passion for steelhead, trout and salmon fishing. But smart fisherman will see the potential for smallmouth, pike and inshore species within some of our standard fares.Once you see the quality you will come back to build a collection based on your own passions.

Good luck fishing, please make an effort to pick up spools of line and trash from your local water as you leave each session. You can make a difference. Take kids and any returning vets out on the water...we are in this together.

Irideus Steelhead Flies