Enjoy our fly fishing reel on switch fly rods,spey rods and standard fly rods

  • 95 mm Outside diameter
  • 51 mm Inside diameter
  • 33 mm Spool Width
  • Weight 235 grams

Irideus now brings you.........


Barstock Aluminum 8-10 Wt Spey Switch Or standard fly rod Reel This fly fishing reel was made to meet the heavy demands of anadromodus fish. The FXB Polomer Drag is powerful with a solid anti reverse clutch to prevent backlashing during a long battle. This reel was intended for days when a sealed drag system are not as important as the amount of backing holding on to that trophy king salmon. This attractive quality fly fishing reel comes in Dark Steelhead Chrome.This is a fly fine reel made to meet customers needs without getting into the next pricing level. This product now offered to the public is spooled up as we speak in many of the trucks in the parking lot. A reel we are proud to offer. Check all of our  products out!

Irideus Spey Reel

​ Irideus  2018