​ Irideus  2018

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ENJOY The Kenai Clear Fly Fishing Box

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The Kenai clear double sided fly box was designed with waterproof construction in mind. The Kenai waterproof fly fishing box offers modern cut foam to add to its great design.

The Kenai fly box offers total waterproof protection against the elements or an unexpected swim while landing a trophy fish. The clear viewing lid gives you the option of selecting fly fishing flies in a down pour without putting your whole fly fishing fly collection in jeopardy.

The Kenai’s two sided construction opens many great options to loading this box with fly fishing fly selections. The Kenai fly fishing box was designed to be streamlined, yet it is fully capable of holding a large collection of fly fishing flies securely. We have also incorporated some recycled materials in this fine addition to our production line of fly fishing boxes.

Length6" Width 3.5" Depth 1.7"

Irideus Kenai Fly Box