​ Irideus  2018

Length 5 inches~Width 3.2 inches~Depth 1.5 inches~A great box to add to your collection!!

The Butte Waterproof Fly Fishing Box

Irideus~Products for your journey!

The Butte is named after one of our favorite county's in the golden state. We also find the smallest mountain range in the world here, The Butte"s. So we have named our new micro waterproof fly box the Butte after them, and the beautiful back drop they make to the scene. The Butte is anouther great Irideus fly box that gives the same great slit foam lay out with compact size. This box is great for the person who likes to travel light or needs a few boxes inside the vest when challenging fish. The hinge,design and construction of are very well made, sure to please all fisherman looking for a smaller size box with waterproof construction. 

Irideus Butte Fly Box