​ Irideus  2018

he 8/9 spey casting fly rod is an international steelhead fly fishing rod. It will meet the challege of these fish in any two handed fly fishing setting. The 8/9 spey fly rod is also a fine fly fishing rod for Coho and King salmon taming many fish over the last 5 years. It meets the needs of big river spey casting fly fishers ,tidewater spey fly casters and also people on the saltwater fly fishing flats. It is our go to fly rod for Argentina brown trout. Over the last few years this spey fly rod has also been fly fishing large lake trout from the shoreline using giant fly fishing flies. This spey fly rod has also been tested on giant Taimen in Japan and Mongolia meeting world fly fishing travlers needs. This spey fly rod design and all the other Irideus spey fly fishing rods have paved new ground in our sport, we thank you for coming to us for your rod.

Irideus 8/9 wt Spey Rod