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GreenWater Fly Box Foam

Irideus is proud to bring you the GreenWater fly box foam, exclusive to our company. This foam is made from the bi-product of an industrial manufacturing process. This wonderful material provides many loading options. The raised surfaces hold flies securely in position without damaging hackles and make it easy to load and retrieve flies. The high density foam will not break down like competing fly box materials. The GreenWater foam will bring you years of durability. It will also keep your fishing adventures secure and organized.

The GreenWater accommodates the Alaska fly fishing explorer to the Belize bound flat’s fisherman. The GreenWater also makes a great fly box for any trout fisherman looking for lake run big boys. It also feels at home riding in any truck or boat holding whatever epicurean steelhead fly selection you can dream up.

The GreenWater foam is an Irideus exclusive. It provides long-lasting wear, easy retrieval, and resists water penetration. The GreenWater foam gives you different fly loading options, proudly displaying your fly selections for easy retrieval. Cold steelhead fingers are not a problem. You will enjoy loading this fly box for your next fly fishing adventure.

GreenWater Fly Fishing Box...Large Capacity Fly & Boat Fly Box

RECON EDITION Steelheaders Fly Fishing Box~~~~~~~~

Steelhead flies welcome!


Where the journey begins!~~~~~~~~~~~~

Irideus is proud to bring you......... 

The GreenWater Fly fishing Box. The high impact resistant plastic shell is made from partially recycled materials. The Irideus exclusive foam is made from the bi-product of an industrial manufacturing process.

GreenWater Recon Fly Box