​ Irideus  2018

We have a great fly tying bead and conehead line up sure to get your flies into the depth zone you need them. These are big heavy fly tying coneheads in the most popular styles picked by the Irideus staff.

If you enjoy tying fly fishing flies these belong on your fly tying bench. Fly tyers around the world will be back for more once you sample a handful of pieces of metal that are the quality of some wedding rings.

Irideus has made a mark in the fly fishing industry sharing some of the best fly fishing fly and tube fly patterns in the world.

These custom signature series Irideus flies start with the best materials the world has to offer.

Many of our tube flies and salmon and steelhead flies can be modified with conehead and tungsten fly tying beads. We have decided to share our approach to our western rivers with the world of steelhead anglers and fly tyers.

Fly Tying Bead Coneheads