​ Irideus  2018

 Custom Steelhead Trout and salmon designs Made in California USA~100% Recycled Material

Turn your truck rear view mirror  into a great place to hold a fly rod and dry used flies. Put the but of your broken down spey rod or fly rod in the slig and the other ends over the front seat.A fast easy way to move from hole to hole with your rod safe in view.This is yet one more great Irideus  product sure to be as big of a hit as it has been to all of us! We all know if you fly fish long enough you will have a few flies pinned in your sun visor. This gives you the option to dry the fly fishing flies from the day on the water. It is important to dry your fly fishing flies before reloading them in your fly box. You can also wear this on your arm if you are a fly fishing guide. Or use it on your drift boat to dry or store, and organize the flies being used on the outing. This is a great 2013 Irideus fly fishing equipment product. One of three in the Timothy Horner GreenWater hand cut fly fishing accessory series. All are 100% made in the USA, made by hand by Timothin California out of recycled meterials. The strapping is purchased from a USA manufacturer. One thing that seperates these products is Timothy Horner's hand touch, rare in today's modern times. Enjoy a slide of the two hand life! Happy 2013, enjoy your fly fishing journey!


Custom Handcut Timothy Horner Signature Series Hand Made Recycled Material

GreenWater Fly Fishing Products

Mini Truck rear view mirror fly rod holder,Drift Boat,fly fishing fly holder or drying patch lanyard~ Also doubles for a fly lanyard you can wear on your wrist or arm. The  Irideus fly rod and spey rod holder also attaches to the frames of pontoon boats and float tubes for a great multi use fly fishing equipment accessory.

Fly Fishing Accessories