​ Irideus  2018

Standard Fly Rods~4 wt,5 wt,6 wt,7 wt,8wt,10 wt

Fast action Switch fly rods 4 wt,5wt

Spey Rods Fast Action 4 wt,5 wt


~Enjoy your journey!

Going sub surface means one thing the new Steelhead,trout,salmon and saltwater Irideus Clear Element distance casting fly fishing lines for . Saltwater fly anglers now have a very special new option on a line that will cast the in coming salty sea in the morning and chrome steelhead up river in the afternoon. One more all waters fly line product for Irideus that puts state of the art fly line technology in your hands!

Intermediate Sinking Fly Line 100 ft~ Subsurface Stealth!

IRIDEUS Clear Element Steelhead, Trout, Salmon and Saltwater Intermediate Sinking Fly Fishing Line One great way to fish below the surface of your favorite fly water is with the Irideus Clear Element fly fishing line series. This Irideus fly line will fish well in fresh and saltwater. Adding a fast sinking sink tip to the end also adds a new demension to your fly fishing adventures. Sub surface stealth in a state of the art technolgy fly fishing line. Cast the distance like a pro with Irideus fly fishing lines. Striped bass to steelhead we have you covered!

2016 Clear Element Fly Line