​ Irideus  2018

The beautiful Irideus Slip proof design is functional yet sets the bar high for an eye pleasing well designed and planned out fly fishing fly box. The Chico Fly Box is a toast to the end of summer steelhead season on the Sacramento River in California. Now its time to welcome in the big fish of fall with a new fly fishing fly box design. All steelhead fly fishers will love the Chico Fly Box. Born from time on the water in steelhead country we pass on what we love. We know it the design brings smiles to us it will bring them to steelhead fly fishers world wide. The Chico fly box is also a work horse of a box for inshore saltwater fly fishers, Mixed bag fly trout fisherman and all bass fly anglers. This special fly fishing box again shows the thought involved in a box will rise above a sea of squares.

The Chico Fly Fishing Box Nymph and Dry Fly Fishing Fly Double Foam Surface Area. This large capacity waterproof flip page design fly box will keep your flies neat and organized. We have found keeping our streamer fly patterns separated we can focus clearly on the small flies used some days. The modern cut partially recycled foam will hold flies tight from size #20 to size 4. The modern cut flex foam in the Chico fly fishing box eliminates the need for several foam sizes and is very diverse fly fishing fly box foam.

Height 1.6 Width 3.6 Length 5.8


The  Irideus Large Capacity Chico Streamer & Nymph Waterproof Fly Fishing Box

The new  Irideus Chico Streamer & Nymph large Capacity Waterproof Fly fishing box is the big brother to our popular Rise Flip page fly fishing box design. The Chico Fly Box offers 3 fly fishing fly storage pages with the lower level of the Irideus Chico Fly Box is set up with one modern cut foam pad and enough breathing room for the largest hackled Wooly Bugger Flies,big streamer flies,meaty articulated bunny leeches and any massive floating dry fly or hopper fly fishing fly pattern.

Chico Streamer Fly Box