​ Irideus  2018

Irideus New 2013 Kispiox Boat Fly Box Large Capacity Fly Fishing Boat Box Case

Steelhead flies welcome!!!!! This is a must have for all steelheaders of the East coast and West coast and all other steelhead rivers of the world.

New Fly Fishing Boxes for  Irideus Kispiox Large Fly Box Case Height 11 inches Width 9 1/2 Inches Depth 2 1/2 Inches.

Great for drift boat and jet sled fly fishers. Outfitters will love this box for your guides. It is comfortable holding any fly from #16-#2. This has to do with the wonderful modern cut foam and the custom height of this foam cut. The foam will hold your flies secure even on a bumpy river boat ride in class 5 rapids. It also floats if you have a mishap.

People looking for a large capacity clear fly fishing box these are ready for your journey. The Kispiox Clear lid double sided fly fishing box case is the big gun of the Irideus fly box line up for . The Kispiox fly box also holds over 400 steelhead flies with room to spare. The up sized modern cut foam will hold small nymphs or large articulated Alaska fly fishing fly patterns well. The construction of the kispiox fly box case is bullet proof.

You will find pleasure in the quality of this large capacity fly box case. It will serve the drift boat or Kispiox backpack well. it also serves as a fly storage system for people who like to only take a few flies to the river. Fly tyers will love this fly fishing box to store your flies. The Kispiox fly box case displays your flies in true color for easy selection and viewing. Build a collection of Irideus  fly fishing flies this year. This will be our pallet for some limited edition fly fishing fly collections we will unveil soon.

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