Morone Trophy Swim Baits

The Morone Series Trophy Striper and Bass swimbaits bring a personal touch to the game of stalking the giant predator gamefish that are lurking in the depths.
Living in the shadow of Feather Falls Canyon and Oroville lake in California we rub elbows often with the people who chase these trophy fish for fun. There is no doubt that America's use of Dams has changed mother natures work and true intentions we believe for the intention of free flowing water ways. These Dams create a network of drains and flows controlled by man. We are die hard fly fisherman at heart leaning towards steelhead spey casting approaches. As you begin to spend time around these controlled cement nightmares, you begin to understand the massive project going on behind dam walls all your experience goes out the window. The erratic surface currents with deep underwater drains making under currents produce a whirl pool of rip currents extending up from the bottom structure. This is not fly fishing water. This is the land of the giants and the fish that have become monsters from living and feeding in this inhospitable zone. After years of pulling a few fish on flies, frustration kicked in and we went back to the drawing board. We first began casting giant flies on conventional tackle. The person we know, with the heaviest fish on record in California, let us struggle to do things our way. This lead to a relationship that will go down in the history books. We started taking a few days a month to put the fly rods down and went along with with our friend. There is no doubt that the countless hours of steelhead spey casting had dulled our senses for the attack of a monster predator fish on a swimbait. When a striper turns out to be a 13 lb brown trout its just fine with us. We have feeling some of the hook jawed spotted yellow friends we will be running into will have a few fly casters we know headed our way. The feelings of childhood casts with friends came back and new bonds and relationships were formed with a group of people we may have missed if it was not for our love to see the monster fish living in the man made zones unfit for any normal fish of any species. It has been great fun to be allowed to go out with some of the local Bass pro fisherman. Fly fisherman get a bad rap sometimes by the professional bass masters but our crew will win over even the toughest of them with passion for the pursuit of trophy striper and Bass with swimbaits. The Morone Swimbait and fly fishing fly project has been something that we know will inspire many other people in the world to chase down the fish unseen by most people. It has been a true honor to have some of the local bass pros using our flies and also making there own inspired by our conversations. The fact that we still offer a fly box 100 % made in the USA is also worthy of kudos from the bass circuit and industry. Many guys find the GreenWater fly fishing boxes will hold an array of swim baits in place even when driving 70 miles an hour across the lake. Be ready for the Irideus Morone Trophy Striper and Bass swimbait series that will be public in less than two weeks. We are looking forward to the smiles these swimbaits bring around the world. Pike, musky and giant brown trout fishers will find a very special offering in the Irideus Morone swimbait series. We look forward to getting the first ones on the water very soon so keep an eye on the blog. There will be some very exiting action found here.
Irideus is sending a big thank you out to all the people who have taken time to fish with us and make this project the real deal. Welcome to our new friends around the globe find your trophy striper and bass swimbaits here.
We will be setting up pre orders this week. Die Hard Swim Bait fans can add these to your trophy lure collection in about a week on the website. They are sure to be a big hit!
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